Car seat covers can transform the entire interior of the car. Rexine seat cover manufacturers have made the car seat a comforting space for the drive. Response fabric is engaged in manufacturing superior quality rexine seat covers

The Automotives industry is rapidly growing in India. Car is equally important in the home as other luxuries. It is the second big investment after the property. Every year the number of cars on the road is increasing. In 2020, the automotive industry has a production rate of over 3.4 million units. People have become so dependent on the car’s comfort that they go almost everywhere on it. People these days can’t imagine a day without their car. One day without the car and there would be a list of pending works. But have you ever thought if there are uncomfortable seats in the car, would you use it with the same intensity? I don’t think so. 

The comfortability in the car seats comes from its upholstery- the padding, springs, foaming, and its fabric. You must have noticed the car seats are mostly made of rexine. There are no fabric seats in the cars as it’s not that easy to maintain in comparison to the premium artificial leather seat covers. It is easy to maintain and gives a lavish look like real leather. 

How rexine seat cover manufacturers have made it feasible for the cars?

Rexine seat cover producers made it feasible for the cars due to the qualities the fabric contains. Its water-resistant quality, high durability, scratch resistance, fire resistance, anti-bacterial, and temperature-stabilized qualities make it feasible for the car seats. Good quality and beautiful seat upholstery play an important part in the experience offered by the automobiles. Synthetic leather seat cover manufacturers make the leather in so many shades to make one for everybody. 

Cars are always under the exposure of sunlight, heat and dust. The heat of the sun can damage your car seats, dashboard, engine, and many more parts of it. To protect your car seats from damage, good-quality rexine seat covers are the best option as they help in keeping the seats cool. Synthetic leather seat covers help in avoiding cracks and tears of the seat. Also, cars get very dirty because of the dust on the roads and people sitting in the car drop things or eatables on the seats that make it dirty. Therefore, leatherette seat covers producershave made it effortless for the people. Rexine car seat covers are easy to clean and maintain. You can just clean the seats by wiping with a wet microfiber cloth and you are good to go. Its maintenance isn’t time-consuming. 

Feature of Rexine seat cover:

  • Wipe clean
  • Fire Retardant
  • Colour Fastness
  • High-Temperature Resistance
  • Water and Dust Proof
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Customized Textures
  • Tough
  • Affordable Price

Differentiate between fabric seat covers and rexine seat covers

Fabric seat covers are made of cloth. It protects the car seats from dust particles. It also enhances the look of the car’s interior. The fabric used in seat covers balances the temperature of the seats i.e. it neither gets too hot nor too cold. Its softness makes the seats more comfortable and increases the seating experience. But these fabric covers are not so easy to clean and maintain. They are also not water and stain repellent. Fabric covers also tend to fade easily. 

Rexine seat covers are more durable than fabric ones. They are water, heat, fire, and stain repellent and are easy to clean and maintain. It looks classy and luxurious in the interior. Its colour does not fade in years. The imitation leather seat cover is the better choice in comparison to the fabric seat covers. 

Response fabrics- rexine car seat cover manufacturer

We are a rexine seat cover manufacturer based in Delhi NCR. We supply PVC Vinyl seat cover fabric to different industries including automotive, furniture, marine, fashion, and many others. The maximum supply of our fabric is in the automotive and furniture industry. Rapid increasing of cars asks for more rexine as it is used for car seat upholstery. Rexine seat cover material is so important for the automobile industry because it adds up the value and life of the product. It is used in other different parts of the automobiles like dashboard lining, knob cover, steering wheel cover, and gear boots. 

As a leatherette seat cover provider,we offer good quality, high elastic, and durable rexine for industries. The professionals at Response Fabrics make different textures, designs, and colours of the fabric. We supply the rexine seat cover material to many car seat cover manufacturers that are leading in the industry. We supply our products in all states of India

We have been engaged with providingrexine seat cover. The rexine used in these covers are top-quality and made by using modern machines. We as a rexine seat cover manufacturer make everything under the supervision of professionals of our team. The superior quality of the leather, fine stitching, and attractive designs makes it striking to the eyes. It also doesn’t allow dust particles to enter inside the seat. The elegant colour and texture of the rexine cloth give the perfect finish to the interior of the car. Vehicle Synthetic leather Seat Cover is given in safe bundling to avoid harm during travel. 

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