Are you looking for faux leather suppliers in Hyderabad? If yes, I want to share some valuable information about faux leather and suppliers’ behaviour who are making it.

What is faux leather?

Faux leather is a chemical & petroleum-based an alternative for the real leather. It has all the desirable features of genuine leather. Leatherite is considered a luxury from ancient times. Most people desire to have it in their homes, whether it’s in clothing or upholstery. From fashion to furnishing it has acclaimed in all the industries more than ever in the last few years. 

Faux leather has all the features of real leather, which make it hard to differentiate between the two. Faux leather is durable and soft to touch. It is water-resistant and stains resistant. It is also resistant to abrasions and cuts. Real leather is found in decent colours most of the time. Therefore, faux leather manufacturers make it in different vibrant colours to fulfil the demands of the customers. 

Faux leather manufacturers’ doesn’t require the killing of animals. But the use of PVC and dioxins to make it flexible was deemed harmful for humans and animals. Most of the faux leather suppliers nowadays are making vegan faux leather to make this leather environment friendly.

Different types of faux leather

Faux leather is mainly of four different types. All four varieties have their unique features, and each of these is ideal for a specific application:

Pleather   pleather is used to make faux leather. There are two common types of faux leather, i.e. polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Both of these are made of plastic and are lighter in weight as compared to real leather. PVC release toxins in the air, therefore, considered dangerous. It is also less comfortable and durable. PU has better durability than PVC and is more breathable. So PU is a better alternative to PVC. 

Faux leather suppliers use these sometimes because they can be brought in different colours. The dyeing process does not harm these materials so if people want to have leather in more vibrant colours, and faux suppliers dye these in a variety of colours to accomplish the desired products. 

Vegetable oil leather– the pleather have been using in place of real leathers, and these are faux leather suppliers have made them in a way which is fulfilling everyone’s desire be it in a different colour or affordable. Still, pleathers are not environment friendly, and people do care about the environment. The effect these do on the ground is not negligible. 

So here comes the vegetable oil leather or we say vegan leather. Faux leather manufacturers have made faux leather which is biodegradable. In addition to being environmentally friendly, it is more durable as well. Vegan leather is just a little expensive than PU and PVC leather. 

Process of making faux leather

Faux leather manufacturers use a variety of methods to make this leather. To make it the first use a base material which commonly is cotton or polyester. It is then covered with plastic material. The two common plastic used here is PU and PVC. 

The PVC is made by mixing constituents of salt and petroleum and adding dye and some other plasticizers. Suppliers produce chlorine and combine it with ethylene. It then converted into vinyl chloride at high temperatures. Adding the plasticizers helps in binding the material to the base fabric. 

The process of making PU is, to some degree, more perplexing, and it includes isocyanates, polyols, and different added substances. The various polymers utilized in PU creation are responded to one another. These are later on processed. PU used in faux leather creation is presented to plasticizing added substances to accomplish and soft final material.

After the making of PU or PVC, faux leather manufacturers bind them to the base material by melting the plastic and overlay it on the base fabric. Later on, the final material is cut into the desired shape and size.

Responsefabrics: faux leather suppliers in Hyderabad

Responsefabrics is the leading faux leather manufacturers in Hyderabad. We have served our clients from every corner of the nation. We offer faux leather for residential and commercial applications. We offer a wide range of patterns and designs by combining the colours as per customer requirements. We make fashionable designs with technical innovation. With an eye on furniture fashion, we are carefully balancing the market foresight. 

While we are supplying as per our customer’s creative direction, we search out unique and original designs that highlight unobtrusive varieties in shine and shade. We apply high devotion tints that can be coordinated with anything. This is what brings our customers to us for a long time. In this competitive world, our designs and high-performance quality have kept us on top of the industry in Hyderabad. Written below are some of the specification of the faux leather we produce.

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