Artificial leather manufacturers in India

Artificial leather is popular in many names like faux leather, leatherette, rexine, and vegan leather. Response fabrics an artificial leather manufacturer supply the leather to various industries all over the nation. 

Artificial Leather is being used in different industrial processes. Artificial leather manufacturers have replaced real leather with the rexine. It has become a substitute for real leather. It offers great quality that makes it suitable for various industrial purposes. The leather is manufactured by using modern techniques and ultimately used by the industries that make belts, shoes, handbags, furnishing, automobiles, and many more. 

Response fabrics believe that this leather has few qualities that make it really suitable for industries. Some of those qualities are good heat insulation, high protection from flexing, and high rigidity. Also, we can’t ignore the cheap cost of it as compared to real leather. All these qualities make artificial leather material useful in different industries like clothing, furniture, automobiles, marine, etc. 

History of artificial leather

The first form of artificial leather was called Presstoff and this fabric is still in production today. It was invented in Germany and never became worldwide popular. 

In 1920, the invention of Naugahyde came into existence. It was invented by the US Rubber company. Naugahyde is another name for synthetic leather. It was a viable alternative to real leather. It became very famous for various industrial applications in the 1930s and 1940s. By the 19th century, it became a petroleum-based plastic that was easy to produce in bulk. Its petroleum-based production was an attempt by Chinese artificial leather manufacturers

By the 1950s, many other companies started to make synthetic leather-like U.S. Rubber. By the last decade of the 20th century, Naugahyde remained the dominant trademark for this leather. Other manufacturers started to oppose the brand’s strength in the leather market. 

 Throughout the most recent couple of years, artificial leather manufacturers have tried to make the leather eco-friendly by not using petroleum-based plastics. However, so far only a few companies have succeeded in making this leather without the use of PVC.

How artificial leather is made?

Artificial leather is made by using two petroleum-based plastics i.e. polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The process of making these plastics is completely different but using them for making the rexine is somewhat similar. 

The base material is needed for the making of leather. Faux leather manufacturers combine the base layer with the PVC or PU. This base layer used is mostly made of cotton or polyester. The cotton and polyester used here are usually of a rough texture that needs to be made specifically for this purpose. 

The next step taken by the leather manufacturers is to formulate the plastic. For instance- to make PU various chemicals like isocyanates, polyols, and some additives. They then react to each other and then processed. PU utilized in this leather creation is presented to plasticizing added substances to accomplish flexible material. 

For PVC, the faux leather manufacturers produce ethylene dichloride by salt and petroleum. Then they convert the substance into polyvinyl chloride resin. Artificial leather manufacturers add plasticizers to bind it to the base fabric and make it flexible. They then melt the plastic and overlay it on the base textile. Once the plastic is bound to the base fabric, the leather manufacturers colour it in the desired shade. Faux leather can be coloured in any shade, same as the leather or any new colour. Later on, it is cut into required shapes and sizes and sold by the yard.

Benefits of artificial leather

Synthetic leather is less costly than real leather, thus affordable by all. It looks like real leather and aesthetically looks lavish and elegant.  Also, it is cruelty-free leather as no animal is harmed in its production. 

Artificial leather manufacturers in India say it is easy to work with. Faux leather is easy to sew and stitch. It is used in various industries because of its easy use. A variety of products can be made with this leather. 

Unlike genuine leather, imitation leather does not shrink, fade, or crack easily. The materials faux leather manufacturer uses in its production needs very low maintenance. Also, it is man-made so has a variety of colours available to choose from. 

Response fabric- the artificial leather manufacturer in India

Response fabric is a faux leather manufacturer based in India. We are a well-known producer of fabrics in India. Our team makes different types of fabrics including leather, cotton, polyester, rayon, cotton, silk, wool chair fabrics, etc. It gives a luxurious look to the furniture and whole space. It is easy to clean and maintain and doesn’t take much of your time. Synthetic leather is available in various colours, anyone can choose one of their desired colours. It has become a preferred choice among users. 

Response fabrics provide exceptional quality of artificial leather and that makes it worth investing in. We use modern manufacturing techniques available in the market to produce the fabric. Our professionals do great research and use innovative ideas before manufacturing the product. This helps us in providing never-ending quality to our customers. We offer customers the fabric at the best rates which makes it easy for them to make the investment. All these qualities have made us the leading artificial leather manufacturer in the industry. 

We are based in Delhi NCR, India. We have well-spaced warehouses to keep the manufactured fabric. Thus, they are safe and properly labelled. We take care of every possibility to provide our customers with the best we can. Always getting positive feedback to encourage us to produce more quality fabrics.  

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